Answer by Raj Kishor Kannoujea:

I know that it’s not my job but I’m feeling curious to share an experience and at the basis it, I will offer my suggestion.

It’s the matter of last day when I was staying for some articles at the Kirana Shop. Same time a girl about 17 – 19 years came there and stand near me for buying some thing. She got a few distance right from me. Due to her charming beauty and cute behave, I was totally slipped on her beauty and want to talk her. She also wants to talk (because she answered some questions that were only for the shopkeeper and she suggested with a cute smile) but there was no other reasons to talk or say something.

Just I take the essential stuff and leave the shop. She also leave with me and move, but at a few distance, there was her scooty and also there was my friend and I could not ask or say something in front of him. We both ride for our residence from there but could not talk anything more. And I have been repenting throughout the way.

I think, it is due to the lack of confidence but I have also a confidence that If at that time I could have thought of a good topic then I could talk to her. I had lack of a topic that could give me confidence to talk on that. So, if want to talk a girl and impress him, you can take a good topic whether related to her (that could not hurt her) or at other interesting topic. Your topic will become reason of your confidence and after a few discussion, you will get yourself free.

My job is telling about the travelling and car rentals. Whenever need to a taxi to travel at any corner of the country (India), you can make a hire for luxury cars and taxi for a short or long trip.

How do I get the confidence to talk to girls?