Answer by Raj Kishor Kannoujea:

Yes, I’ll full support to Kasol as a traveling destination………

As the gorgeous destination in the state of Himachal Pradesh, Kasol is the major spot to visit in this state. In the North India, Kasol is making the attraction for lots of visitors from all over the world. For local and outstation, there are lots of spots that making it more special and charming. Nested in the Himalayas, you can get here various points to see as a bag packer and enjoy a lot. All its spots will avail the gorge of beauty.

In this city, there are various sources of traveling that making it easier such like railway, airways and car rentals are making this spot easy and just take the distance of 39 km from Kullu. Whether need to car rentals for local or outstation; you can book online by only double clicking of Internet. There are some most important spots of the city that you can full enjoy:

Places to see in Kasol: –

  • Stunning spot of Himalayan Village:
  • Trekking and Rock Climbing in Kasol:
  • Naturalism of Parvati River:
  • Natural Parvati Pin Pass:
  • Manikaran Gurudwara:
  • Charming Tosh:
  • Beauty of Sar Pass Trek:

Is Kasol a good travel destination?