Answer by Raj Kishor Kannoujea:

Definitely Yes!!!!!

Solo traveling keeps you boundation free and you can take any decision without any condition or interfere. You can only dance as much as you want, you can do your owns so much how you are imaging. There are no any stress of waiting or losing to another person if traveling with your partner.

You will be stay totally free from the traffics that you could face in a non-solo travel. At the basis of expenses, also may be the best to travel alone. You can manage your solo travel in much minimum expenses and skip from lots of money expenses. In solo travel, it doesn’t matter that you are traveling on foot or by riding a car rental service.

On the basis of all these important things, you can make your solo trip. You will get full joy of traveling and you could do so which you like and wish…….

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Do you think travelling solo is a good idea?