Answer by Raj Kishor Kannoujea:

It’s the great pleasure to find out the other world like us. Just, NASA has found the TRAPPIST-1 which is the “dwarf star” same like our Jupiter size and has 7 planets like ours. The orbit of all the seven planets of the TRAPPIST-1 is as closer as the Mercury orbits from the sun. From the 7 planets, three has the good atmosphere to live life and others are on the way. Due to the dim and dwarf star, the surrounding planets could have been gotten the favourable environment for life.

Such as TRAPPIST-1 is dwarf and dim so owning to the nearer all the planets have the auspicious environment. The shine power the TRAPPIST-1 is approximately 200 times dimmer than our sun that shows its coolness than ours. In this star system, the year are so short that if you compare with our then they will be 1 to 20 days. Although, the scientists have said that it is need to study about the atmosphere here that they are really supporting the life or not.

If we talking about the distances of the planets one by one then the planet that is the nearest to the star has the year of 1.5 earth days. And the last planet has approx 20 days of earth in a year. The second last means the sixth planet has the year of almost 12.3 days of the earth. The days and nights of the planets produce the sturdy winds which become the reason of rotating the planets and the weather changing. And same are also the points that may be the cause of life there.

All these cluster of planets are at the distance approximately 40 light years (ly) OR 3.784292e+14 km away from us. Michaël Gillon and his team have announce their discover about these rocky and terrestrial planets which may be our own new world where life may be possible. Though, it is impossible to reach there easily but definitely it is our best achievement.

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What is TRAPPIST-1?