Answer by Raj Kishor Kannoujea:

India has the speciality of cultural and historical diversity which make lots of unique destinations that attract millions of tourists per year from each corner of the world. From Kanyakumari to Kashmir, there are various points that touch the heart and make the charm for everyone. Also there are many railways, airways and car rental services are working 24 hours for helping the travelers.

But yet, there are numerous things to do so that the India and Indians can make the International tourists more affective. There are some things to care about for it: –

  • Make Indian Destinations neat&clean.
  • Work for the safety of tourists.
  • Become most strictly for those who cheated them (tourists).
  • Indians should have to make their surrounding charming places more attractive and unique.
  • Make traveling sources easy and affordable.
  • Should promote local sources also so that the local people can easily connect to major places and make them (major places) progressive.
  • Encourage them (tourists) with some relaxation in visa.
  • With amazing offers like Free Visa for unique tourists (Lucky Draw) and more.
  • Prefference speciality in money exchanging or any type of transactions.

What can India and Indians do to attract more international tourists?