Answer by Raj Kishor Kannoujea:

While planning to visit Varanasi from Bangalore, you can select the various ways to arrive there. There are railways, airways and many car rental services for Banglore to Varanasi are working 24 hours and availing the best sources for traveling. You can choose at the basis of your budget and jollify there.

There are all the three ways for suggetion from Bangalore to Varanasi travel: –

Car Rental Setrvices: –

For visiting Varanasi from Bangalore, car rental services are the most safty way of travelling that avail you the opportunities to see many others way sights also. The distance of 1815 km via Srinagar – Kanyakumari Highway, you can manage within 32–35 hours easily and if you are with your family, it will be best idea.

Railways :-

From Bangalore to Varanasi trip, you can take the help of trains also which will ride you within 2 days. And there you can hire a cab and visit the entire city of Banglore.

Airways: –

To travel by flights, you can directly take a Indigo flight from Bangalore to Varanasi and the there take the help of airport taxi services for city visit. This flight fly away without any stopage and you can also take the help of other flights that pass through many major cities.

How do I go to Varanasi from Bangalore?