Answer by Raj Kishor Kannoujea:

Situated in the east Uttar Pradesh and at the bank of the river Rapti, Gorakhpur is boasting the eastern region of the state. It has lots of in & around amazing facts which making it different from others. With the religious and historical places, it retains the largest railway plateform of the world and waving its flag in all over the world. Whether for historical, religious or picnic purposes, you can ramble for all.

At basis of travelling sources, it is also rich and you can visit easily in and out of the city for rambling. Various taxi services in Gorakhpur are working 24 hours for the arrivals to help their traveling. Here is some unique and amazing facts about Gorakhpur with images: –

  • Gorakhnath Temple for Religious Views: –
  • Nearer Kushinagar: –
  • Kusumi Forest: –
  • City Mall For All Over Marketing: –
  • Vindhyavashini Park for Picnic and Couple Visit: –
  • Largest Railway Plateform of the World: –
  • Gorakhpur Planaterioum: –
  • Neighbour City of Ayodhya: –
  • Geeta Press (Platform for world’s cheapest religious books): –
  • Ramgarh Lake For Natural Views: –

What are some unique and amazing facts about Gorakhpur?