Answer by Raj Kishor Kannoujea:

Delhi is the capital city of India and most fabulous place in Northern of the country. It is the most beautiful city but we can’t forbade about the haunted points. There are many mysterious of places that can make force to stop breath of every one for few moments. I am not saying that in fact there is the ghost and devil but the places are very fearing and any body can get the fear. All these points are also very famous among the people like others and many taxi services in Delhi are working for the travelers help 24 hours.

There are some of those mysterious points that will make your mind to arrive there: –

  • Bhuli Bhatiyari ka Mahal; –
  • House Number W-3: –
  • Near Dwarka Sector 9: –
  • Jamali Kamali Tomb and Mosque: –
  • Fort of Feroz Shah Kotla: –
  • Khooni Darwaza: –
  • Delhi Cantonment: –

What are some haunted places in Delhi/NCR?