While visiting northern India, Uttar Pradesh offers many fabulous and glorious places to visit. And Gorakhpur is one of them that offers lots of beautiful views for religious and pleasure purposes. Nowadays, Gorakhpur most famous for its railway station and Geeta Press in all over the world. On the other hand for religious purposes, Gorkhnath temple attracts the mind beautifully.

In Purvanchal, Gorakhpur kept the special position among Lucknow, Varanasi, Allahabad and many others. And Due to well-connected with all the major cities fo India, It has available all the major sources of travelling. Whether it railways, airways or taxi services in Gorakhpur, you can find everything easily. There are its famous destinations in & around the city: –

Inner city Destinations: –

  • Gorakhnath Temple-Image result for Gorakhnath Temple-
  • Railway Station-Image result for Railway Station gorakhpur
  • City Mall-Image result for srs cinema city mall gorakhpur
  • Ambedkar Park-Image result for Ambedkar Park gorakhpur
  • Water Park-Image result for Water Park-  gorakhpur
  • Ramgarh Lake-Image result for Ramgarh Lake gkp
  • Kusumi Jungle-Image result for Kusumi Jungle gkp best images
  • Geeta Press-Image result for geetapress temple gkp best images
  • Circuit House-Image result for Circuit House gkp best images
  • Taramandal-Image result for Taramandal gkp best images
  • Geeta Vatika-Image result for Geeta Vatika gkp best images
  • Vishnu Mandir-Image result for Vishnu Mandir gorakhpur
  • Vindhyavasini Park (V Park)-Image result for Vindhyavasini Park  gorakhpur

Outer City Destinations: –

  • Kushinagar (Famous for Lord Buddha)-Image result for Kushinagar (Famous for Lord Buddha)-
  • Ayodhya (Known for Lord Ram Birthplace)-Image result for Ayodhya (Known for Lord Rama Birthplace) temple
  • Maghar (Famous for Kabir Das)-Image result for Maghar (Famous for Kabir Das)
  • Valmiki Wildlife Sanctuary-Image result for Valmiki Wildlife Sanctuary-