As the famous religious country, India has lots of festivals related to different religions like Holi, Diwali, Maha Shivratri, Eid etc. And among those, Navaratri keeps its special importance for the pilgrims. During this festival, the people worship the Goddess Durga and pray for their wishes. Till 9 days, the men and women observe fast and visit famous religious places during Navaratri. While festival celebrated, all the streets of the cities or villages show their excellent sights and look well decorated.

In India, All its states have their own style for celebrating Navaratri festival and they organized lots of cultural programs. On this occasion, people decorate the temples of Goddess Durga and visit different temples of Durga Mata. The cab services in India make the major responsibility in each city. There are some most famous states that celebrate this festival in travelers the to carry different way: –

Durga Pooja of West Bengal: –

West Bengal gets the first place in the celebration of Durga Pooja during Navaratri and Dussehra. Navaratri brings the great enthusiastic moments for the pilgrims and for those who observe fast. The streets of the city show their gorgeousness during it and organized many types of cultural programs by the artists. Many taxi services in Kolkata also work 24 hours for the tourists who visiting the city or out of the city.

Varanasi Durga Pooja in Uttar Pradesh: –

Varanasi also keeps the major charm during this religious festival. As the most famous religious city, Varanasi makes it more special and make celebration with lots of cultural programs. And Varanasi taxi services serve their duty for carry the visitors visited from each corner of the country. These days make the different look of temples and main stops which are decorated with well arranged designs.

Navaratri Celebration in Karnataka: –

It holds its own style of celebration Navaratri festival and organized new religious programs. Bring the huge statues of Goddess Durga, decorate it and worship there for 9 days and at last, cremate on 10th day. They celebrate it with the help of different plays and dramas on royal and the grand victory of truth. The each corner of Karnataka full of lights and statues of Durga Mata on these days.

Grand celebration in Chhattisgarh: –

This state is also one of those places which have the grand festivity of the Navaratri Festival. The crowd can see in the each street of the state whether it is city or village. On this occasion specially while the people drench the statue of Durga Maa, a huge crowd make it more attractive.

Navaratri in Gujrat: –

Such like West Bengal and Varanasi, Gujrat also commemorates this festival with great eagerness. And you can see in the streets while people make Garba dance and take full joy. With music, Garba dance and different types of foods and colors; they solemnize it. And give their love to Goddess Durga who fulfilled their wishes.

Maharashtra Navaratri Celebration: –

Maharashtra has also its own style of celebration of this festival and commemoration like Ganpati celebration. On these days, people make the streets and statues of Goddess Durga live with the music and dance. And they organized different local and historical programs in front of the statues of Goddess Durga.

Originally published at on October 6, 2016.