My answer to What are some amazing things about Varanasi, India?

Answer by Raj Kishor Kannoujea:

While talking about Varanasi, a beautiful and mesmerizing religious sight moves from the mind and fills the heart with religious emotions. And this thing creates many logic about this city and its historical effects which make amazing. Recently known for the “Ghats&Temples”, for where easily hired a taxi in Varanasi, lots of amazing facts are given below: –

  1. Varanasi is the home of Tulsi Das where Ramcharitmanas was composed by him. In his memory here is a temple named Tulsi Manas Temple and also a Ghat named Tulsi Ghat.
  2. The name “Varanasi” taken from the name of the rivers Varuna and Asi which confluence here in this city.
  3. During the Mauryan age, Varanasi used to make a connection with the Taxila to Pataliputra road recently known as Grand Trunk Road.
  4. It is the city where Lord Buddha preached his first ceremon after his enlightenment. Currently, it is known as Sarnath.
  5. Varanasi is known as the holy city of Benares or Kashi for ancient which was the “City of Light”.
  6. Recently, It is known for the most sacred city in the world where millions of visitors visit for taking a sacred bath in Ganga River.
  7. Varanasi (Kashi) was the home of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati and it is believed that if one dead here or buried after death, he would be attain salvation. There are Harishchand Ghat & Manikarnika Ghat where lots of dead body daily buried.
  8. Millions of pilgrims arrive from all over the world on the occasion of Makara Sankranti and Maha Shivratri to wash away their sins.
  9. On the other hand, it is major learning and cultural center besides being an religious city till now days from ancient. The Banaras Hindu University in the city is the main source of education for many countries students.
  10. It is the city where Ayurveda and Yoga was taken the major place for ancient.
  11. From old ages, it is become the center of trade and commerce. It is famous for Banarasi silks, silver and gold brocades from years ago.
  12. It is the living place of many musicians and dancers like Ravi Shankar, Ustad Bismillah Khan and many others.
  13. It is also the home of the brilliant writer Munshi Prem Chand who earned a great name in Hindi literature. The great poet Kabir Das, Ravi das also stay in Varanasi like as the home.
  14. Besides of Kashi and Banaras, this city was also called Mahasmasana, Brahma Vardha, Ramya, Sudarsana and many others.
  15. The Benarasi Saree is also word famous.

What are some amazing things about Varanasi, India?